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More opportunities to participate in prayer and Mass are available for DeLaSalle students.

Monday morning prayer is offereed in the ‘Upper Room’ school chapel October 31, November 14 and 21 and school chaplain, Fr. Joe Kuharski, will celebrate Mass November 7 and 28, each at 7:45am. The school chapel is accessible through the Lasallian Ministry office in Christian Brothers’ Hall.

And, DeLaSalle teachers Monica Kocourek and Keely Wojda will host another group of Islanders at the next NET Lifeline Mass on Saturday, December 3 at the NET Center in West. St. Paul. A concert with Steve Angrisano follows Mass and tickets cost $10. Students should watch “The Source” for more information, including a sign-up form, permission slip, and free transportation from DeLaSalle and St. Mark’s Catholic Church in St. Paul.

The NET Mass scheduled for Saturday, November 5 required an advance ticket purchase and tickets are already sold out.