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One of the clear centerpieces of Lasallian, Catholic education is a commitment to Christian service for others, a graduation requirement for current students to be sure, but hopefully so much more.  The school’s mission is clear that a life well-lived should include a lifelong interest in service.  In our school’s vision statement, DeLaSalle commits itself to preparing students “to be of service to the local, national, and global community.”   We believe it is as vital as any course or program we can offer to any student.

Through the Christian Service program, students begin to understand people in need. They learn about the forces in society that cause poverty, hunger, prejudice, and other injustices. They see how they can make a difference in these situations on a local and global level.  All students, including those who transfer in after ninth grade, must complete at least 60 hours of Christian Service and write a paper reflecting on the impact of that service. The Lasallian Ministry staff sets criteria for the hours and paper, and provides forms on which students document their hours. Upon completion of their hours and paper, students will receive a grade of “P” (passing) and 1 credit.img_0601a

DeLaSalle students often are saluted for their exceptional service throughout the year.  On Tuesday, the fourth annual “We Day Minnesota” included recognition of over 18,000 students from across Minnesota for their outstanding service during the past year.  The “We Day” program is a national movement, “a celebration of youth making a difference in their local and global communities… a yearlong program that nurtures compassion in young people and gives them the tools to create transformational social change.”

We are quite proud that 40 Islanders were among the invited students at We Day.

Twenty-seven students accompanied Lasallian Ministers C.J. Hallman and Vivianna Ortiz as direct representatives from DeLaSalle.  Another 13 Islanders attended through their association with the Banyan Community in south Minneapolis. We salute the following students for their service work and their representation of what DeLaSalle and its mission stand for:

  • Eleanor Arms
  • Alli Biermeier
  • Carleen Cuevas Martinez
  • Josselyn Cuevas Martinez
  • Nia Davis
  • Natalie Delgado
  • Allissa Dunlap
  • Iyana Ford-Pettis
  • Mary Claire Francois
  • Dasiyah Franklin
  • Antonetta Gail
  • Erik Godinez
  • Jennifer Gomez Hernandez
  • Estefani Guiracocha
  • Frances Haase
  • Sophia Hayden
  • Adriana Hernandez
  • Timira Jackson
  • Abby Johnson
  • Otto Johnson
  • Shaylah Kaczmarczyk
  • Andrea Kemayah
  • Shelby Luellen
  • Hollie Medlock
  • Emma Mishler
  • Lisa Nyenie-Wea
  • Jack Odegard
  • Manuel Ortiz
  • Makayla Overton
  • Cecilia Patlan
  • Eric Quinde
  • Triston Pettis
  • Sabriah Rendo
  • Sofia Riera
  • Amani Samuels
  • Alyissa Sanders
  • Dejahnae Smith
  • Anthony Weaver
  • Lauren Wesley
  • Katie Wojda

img_0635cEvery week, students discover opportunities for service projects in their own neighborhoods or churches.  Such opportunities are to be pre-approved if a student wishes to apply the hours toward the service requirement.  Other service opportunities are made available through the Office of Lasallian Ministry.  Mr C.J. Hallman manages the Christian Service program at DeLaSalle.  He is one of the campus ministers along with Ms. Hodapp and Ms. Ortiz.  On most days, The Source, DeLaSalle’s daily announcements include service opportunities for students, forwarding requests that have come in to Mr. Hallman or others from outside groups.

On Thursday, September 22, for example, seven juniors – Josh Dolezal, Da’San Frazier, Justine Hill, Ben Jackson, Evan Pricco, Mary Scott, and Jennifer Yeung – provided service to the 14th annual fall fundraising event for Catholic Eldercare.  The luncheon, “Unlocking the Power of Community,” drew on the skills of our De students as hosts for the event.  Catholic Eldercare is one of the Twin Cities’ largest facilities providing housing, care, and day programs for the elderly, and many DeLaSalle alumni, friends, parents, and student volunteer there throughout the year.   DeLaSalle students have provided service to this event for several years, and their work has always been well-received.

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