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As of mid-June, it is likely that DeLaSalle will begin the 2016-17 school year with another strong enrollment, growing slightly in the coming year.  Early projections suggest DeLaSalle will nudge closer to the maximum goals of the school’s strategic plan, calling for a total enrollment of 775-800 total students.

Should we meet the enrollment goals by fall, this would be the largest enrollment at DeLaSalle in 45 years, which speaks to the positive experiences of current students and families.

The school is still accepting applications for the coming year and placing students at all four grade levels as limited space is available.  Director of Admission, Patrick Felicetta `01, and Vice President for Enrollment, Mike O’Keefe `78, have been leading family tours, conducting transfer interviews, and registering new students, provided the student meets admission criteria and a course schedule and tuition contract can be built this late into the admission cycle.  Within the past two weeks alone, 16 new inquiries for potential admission have been received.  In total, over 50 families have made inquiry for potential transfer into grades 10-11-12 in the fall, and DeLaSalle has received, to date, approximately 400 applications for potential ninth grade admission.

Interested families are encouraged to contact either Felicetta (612-676-7605) or O’Keefe (612-676-7679) as soon as possible to learn more about DeLaSalle, admission criteria, the application process, and potential placement.

Fortunately, in anticipation of emerging educational needs AND of enrollment growth, the new building addition and $8,800,000 Center for Innovative Learning (CIL) is still on schedule to open by fall.  Not only will the school provide significantly more learning space for its students with the CIL, but the functionality of the campus will be greatly enhanced with new corridors, a new student activities entry, new areas for activities buses to load and unload, and more.

DeLaSalle also has added several new courses to its course offerings and hiring additional staffing for the coming year.  We also will continue with the “Gateway to the Future” capital campaign through 2019 – designed to pay for the CIL and increase financial aid programs.  To date, we have raised $12,300,000 in gifts and pledges.

Enrollment at DeLaSalle has fluctuated considerably over its history as seen in these 25-year increments:

  • 1917 – 226 boys
  • 1942 – 481 boys
  • 1967 – 1231 boys
  • 1992 – 353 boys and girls
  • 2017 – 775-800 (projected) boys and girls

The current enrollment remains the school’s largest since 1970-71, when 780 students, all boys, were studying in three buildings – the current “A” and “B” buildings and also the original “C” building, which stood in the area now known as Founder’s Park from 1900 to 1972.  From a peak of 1654 boys in 1963-64, De’s enrollment had steadily declined to a 77-year low of 306 boys and girls in 1990-91.  From that point, enrollment steadily climbed over 20 years and accelerated rapidly this decade.