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DeLaSalle student once again shone at the 2016 edition of Minnesota State History Day.  Six  different DeLaSalle projects medaled at State, placing among the top five in a specific History Day category.  This success was highlighted by the project, “Chicano Movement,” the work of sisters, Joanna Lopez-Ramales `17 and Jovanna Lopez-Rameles `17, which has now qualified to move on National History Day at the University of Maryland in June.

Joining the sisters as State medalists are Isabel Gese `17, Madeleine Phelan `17 and Hannah Walker `17 – all of whom worked as individuals on their projects – as well as the duo of Emma Uecker `17 and Sophie Lenzmeier `17, and the group of Samantha Chaney `17, James Baker `17, Anthony Hines `17, Neilyn Wright `17, and Kyanna Brown `17.

The State competition, on May 1 at the University of Minnesota, brought together history scholars from across the state.  From results at the March 7th Metro Regional History Day competition, 36 DeLaSalle students had been chosen by independent judges to advance 21 separate projects to State.  Students chosen from ten separate regional competitions, held throughout March across Minnesota, presented their projects at State.

Eight additional DeLaSalle projects, representing the work of 13 students as individuals or in groups, finished between 6th and 12th place in their respective categories and thus earned Honorable Mention recognition at the State event.   Also, six of the 21 DeLaSalle projects earned Topical Prizes, special recognition awards for their research in a particular field of history.

History Day is an annual project in the 11th grade Social Studies curriculum that gives juniors an opportunity to become expert historians by selecting and researching a topic of their choice around a national theme, which this year is “Exploration, Encounter, Exchange in History.”  Students produced exhibits, dramatizations, websites, documentaries, and research papers, and they first displayed their projects for judging at DeLaSalle on February 16, qualifiers advancing to the Metro Regional level, the final step before 36 students advanced to State.

Congratulations to all the students who participated at State History on May 1:

Exhibits: Group

  • Joanna Lopez and Jovanna Lopez – “Chicano Movement” – NATIONAL QUALIFIER, 2nd Place in State, and winner of a Topical Prize for Humanitarian History
  • Miller Balley and Bram Valure – “The White Rose” – Honorable Mention / Top 12 in State and winner of the Topical Prize a Holocaust History
  • Nubi Cambe and Jazmine Panora – “Bad Blood” — Honorable Mention / Top 12 in State
  • Johanna Bergh, Kyle Suek and Otto Johnson – “Title IX”


Exhibits: Individual

  • Hannah Walker – “Lisa Meitner” – 4th Place in State
  • Kylee Bohrer – “Haskell Institute” — Honorable Mention / Top 12 in State and winner of a Topical Prize for Education History
  • Patrick Kennedy – “Feed the World” — Honorable Mention / Top 12 in State
  • Isabel Watson – “Foul to Fair” — Honorable Mention / Top 12 in State


Documentaries: Group

  • Quinn Carpenter and Phoebe Kingman – “Nazi Medical Experiments”


Documentaries: Individual

  • Madeleine Phelan – “Rich Man’s Gospel: Andrew Carnegie” – 5th Place in State
  • Seeley Schaefer – “Japanese Internment Camps” — Honorable Mention / Top 12 in State
  • Margaret Bjorkstrand — “Dakota War” — Winner of the Topical Prize for American Indian  History
  • Charlie Dykstal – “Georges Melies”


Websites: Group

  • Emma Uecker and Sophia Lenzmeier — “Canadian Caper” – 3rd Place in State and winner of a Topical Prize for Global Studies
  • Greta Nelson and Elsa Lundin — “Minnesota’s Influence on Cardiac Surgery” — Honorable Mention / Top 12 in State
  • Annie Organ, Jake Nelson, and Katie Wojda — “Dakota Conflict” — Honorable Mention / Top 12 in State
  • Euphrosyne Daoutidou and Emma Stomberg — “Rosalind Franklin”


Websites: Individual

  • Isabel Gese – “Wilhelm Wundt and the Founding of Modern Psychology” — 3rd Place in State
  • Valerie Darger – “Japan’s Working Class and the Treaty of Kanagawa: Consequences of Modernization” — Winner of a Topical Prize and History Day Scholarship from the University of Minnesota College of Liberal Arts
  • Emma Kane – “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”


Performance: Group

  • Samantha Chaney, James Baker, Anthony Hines, Neilyn Wright, and Kyanna Brown – “Tuskegee Airmen” – 5th Place in State