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Thank you to our current families for your many kind referrals.  We welcomed a standing-room only crowd of guests at our Open House on October 26th, 270 families visiting De from over 70 different middle school communities across the Twin Cities. Geographically, the range was from St. Michael to Hastings.  Given a steep enrollment decline in several of the more typical feeder schools to DeLaSalle, the large number of conflicting grade school athletic contests, and one other high school Open House on the 26th, the turnout was particularly strong.

Perhaps you may see some familiar faces on our Facebook page here.

On October 28th, we began the student shadow visit program, the “Islander for a Day.”  (We always wait to implement this program until our incoming ninth grade class has had two months in which become acclimated to our school and to each other.)  In our first three days of shadow visits this week, we hosted 37 prospective students.  Over 100 other students have already scheduled a date to tour DeLaSalle, and we are receiving 15-25 requests each day.  We remind current students and families of certain policies/practices in place for shadow visits:

  • Only the parent of a prospective student may schedule a visit, at least three days in advance of the desired date.
  • The prospective parent either recommends the student host or gives the admission office suggested characteristics for a host (i.e. Honors math, soccer, band) and from there, De will try to find the best fit to match those characteristics.
  • Prospective parents may schedule individual tours during the day by contacting either Patrick Felicetta or Mike O’Keefe.
  • If a student is currently in grades 9-10-11, that prospective transfer family must have conversation — and begin the formal application process — with the DeLaSalle Admission Office prior to visiting the school.  The “Islander for a Day” program is reserved for families authentically considering DeLaSalle as a potential school.

With the February 12 ninth grade application deadline less than four months away, it’s a busy time in the Admission Office.  We have already been receiving letters of recommendation and application forms.  Families are encouraged to apply online here.

Those who wish to receive more information about DeLaSalle, the application process, or set up a tour or visit, should please contact either Patrick Felicetta, Director of Admission, at 612-676-7605, or Mike O’Keefe, Vice President for Enrollment, at 612-676-7679.