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Two staff members recognized as quiet but effective leaders earned DeLaSalle’s highest honors at the annual Founder’s Day Mass May 7.

Executive assistant Mary McLaren, who colleagues described as having “the same faith and zeal that animated the founder,” won the Distinguished Lasallian Educator award. “The compassion Mary shows others with a gentle approach is an example we all should strive for,” McLaren’s nomination continued. The Distinguished Lasallian Educator award recognizes a staff member who sees the Lasallian school as a place of educational excellence, which shares in the mission of the Catholic Church.

Social Studies teacher Paul Sczepanski, meanwhile, won the Liemandt Excellence in Teaching Award. “This teacher’s number one goal is for students to succeed in and out of the classroom. His tireless efforts in enriching curriculum solidify his reputation as a progressive and outstanding educator,” reads Sczepanski’s nomination. Sczepanski won the Distinguished Lasallian Educator award in 2013.

The annual Founder’s Day Mass gives the school community an opportunity to honor its Lasallian heritage. Auxiliary Bishop Andrew Cozzens celebrated the Mass. Midwest District of Christian Brothers Auxiliary Visitor Brother Mark Snodgrass led a special remembrance of three Brothers who have died in the past year – Brothers Dominic Kennedy, Cyril Litecky, and Basil Rothweiler – for their profound impact on DeLaSalle.

DeLaSalle also recognized two current employees – Br. David Barth and Mike O’Keefe – for their 25 years of service. Barth and O’Keefe are among only 17 employees in school history with 25 or more years experience. Employees who reach the 25-year mark are honored with a brick paver stone on the DeLaSalle logo by the Athletic Field. Many Christian Brothers worked at DeLaSalle, but very few reached 25 years of service because their assignments often changed every few years.

DeLaSalle Staff With 25 Years of Service

  • Leigh Anderson
  • Mary Beth Barry
  • Br. David Barth
  • Jack Bohen
  • Br. Michael Collins
  • Maureen Desmond
  • Ken Gieske
  • Paul Graf
  • Bill Johnson
  • Barry Lieske
  • Ted Marsolek
  • Mike O’Keefe
  • Julie Peterson
  • Sharon Roth
  • Joe Shrake
  • Br. Robert Thomas
  • George Utecht

DeLaSalle also recognizes scores of students during its Founder’s Day celebration. Thirty-one students received a Giving Tree Award for their exemplary service to the community. This group collectively completed 2,142 hours of service, including service trips to Colorado and Chicago, after school tutoring, and assisting the elderly. Students recognized with a Giving Tree award will have their name included on the Giving Tree in the A building. Though a generous to the school by Tom Healey ‘56 and his wife Debbie, the service of these recognized students is paid forward to other DeLaSalle students who have a demonstrated financial need.

  • Anna Blais
  • Emily Bliss
  • Claudia Blohm
  • Liz Boehme
  • Marquise Bridges
  • Drayton Carlberg
  • Hunter Carlberg
  • Christina Carte
  • Gabrielle Eull
  • William Hart
  • Manuel Hernandez
  • Isaac Hodge
  • Nicholas Jenkins
  • Hannah Johnson
  • James King Jr
  • Yazmin LaFleur-Donaby
  • Lillia Mannes
  • Lacinea McBride
  • Charlotte Melby
  • Keenan Moore
  • Louise Rossiter
  • Ryan Satre
  • Lauren Schultz
  • Hazae’lee Sellers
  • Marcella Selvan-Morfin
  • Tori Smith
  • Rose Tacuri-Sari
  • Hillary Thomas
  • Frances Thornton
  • Abby Vidmar
  • Tiarah Young


DeLaSalle recognized 16 students as recipients of Alumni Association Legacy and Farrell Scholarships. There are three levels to the Alumni Association Legacy scholarship – Gold, Silver, Bronze – and 11th grade students who have had a relative graduate from DeLaSalle are eligible to apply. The Farrell Scholarship is made possible by De alum Denny Farrell ‘62.

  • Marie Loye
  • Emily Zarnoti
  • Jack Thompson
  • Gabrielle Eull
  • Ethan Cunningham
  • Marcela Selvan Morfin
  • Elizabeth Boehme
  • Meara Cline
  • Jacob Hanson
  • Jenson Draper
  • Sara Kroening
  • Shannon Hart
  • Patrick McCarthy
  • Nathan Wachowiak
  • Matthew Maxam
  • Katherine Wohletz