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Thirty-nine seniors have been named Distinguished Scholars for earning a cumulative grade point average of 4.0 or higher.

DeLaSalle recognized the group during a luncheon February 20.

Scholars play an important role in helping the commencement speaker reflect on the graduating class’s last four years. Scholars answer a short questionnaire that describe the class’s accomplishments, spirit and character and reflect on memories and life lessons they will take away from DeLaSalle.

Scholars also choose two students to speak at the graduation ceremony. This year, scholars chose Hannah Brand and Joe Moeller to speak.

The Class of 2015 will graduate at 6:45pm on Thursday, May 21 at the Basilica of Saint Mary in Minneapolis.

2015 Distinguished Scholars

  • Niko Agnes
  • Sage Anderson-Lantz
  • Lindsay Billig
  • Rosa Boda
  • Hannah Brand
  • Antonia Brown
  • Grace Camilleri
  • Stylianos Daoutidis
  • Charles Engel
  • Joey Farah
  • Alexander Harris
  • Natasha Hill
  • Diamond Jackson
  • Lilia Kelash
  • Mira Koster
  • Grace Lenzmeier
  • Angela Leverone
  • Lillie McAdams
  • Connor McCabe
  • Rebekka McCoy
  • Charlotte Melby
  • Emma Meyers
  • Joseph Moeller
  • Michael Ochs
  • Connor O’Keefe
  • Danika Partridge
  • Annalise Podewils
  • Katarina Podewils
  • Alexandra Satre
  • Sarah Schmidt
  • Marian Shaw
  • Annika Shelstad
  • Hannah Steiner
  • Cameron Swenson
  • Michael Timmerman
  • Jesica Truong
  • Abby Vidmar
  • Jacob Waters
  • Madison Zieper