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Tuesday, January 6, 2015 – Feast of the Epiphany

Let us remember that we are in the holy presence of God.

God, You humbled Yourself and became man to save us. Help me walk in the footsteps of others to better understand the challenges they face. Amen

Saint John Baptist de La Salle…pray for us. Live Jesus in our hearts…forever!

Daily Digest


  • 4:15pm: Boys’ C basketball vs. St. Anthony (@ DeLaSalle)
  • 4:15pm: Girls’ C basketball @ St. Anthony
  • 5:00pm: Boys’ JV hockey @ Armstrong
  • 5:30pm: Boys’ JV basketball vs. St. Anthony (@ DeLaSalle)
  • 5:30pm: Girls’ JV basketball @ St. Anthony
  • 7:00pm: Boys’ varsity basketball vs. St. Anthony (@ DeLaSalle)
  • 7:00pm: Girls’ varsity basketball @ St. Anthony
  • 7:00pm: Boys’ varsity hockey @ Armstrong
  • 7:00pm: Girls’ varsity hockey vs. Academy of Holy Angels (@ Minnehaha Academy Ice Arena – South Campus)

Students will break up into grade level meetings today. Please report to your regularly scheduled class at the beginning of the period for attendance and then go to the LL Gray Gym for the grade level meeting.

  • 9th grade – period 2
  • 10th grade – period 3
  • 11th grade – period 7
  • 12th grade – period 8

Students and staff are required to upgrade their iPad to iOS 8 because some of the new apps and other technology on your device require the latest operating system. Please DO NOT complete the upgrade at school as it chokes the WiFi available for learning.

Before you update, back up your documents using iCloud in settings and in your GoodReader app. You can find videos on how to update and back up your device on the Student Technology page in Canvas.

If you do not do update to iOS 8, technology staff will take your device and update them on school computers. This will delete all information on the iPad including school and personal apps, music, and photos.

In order to update you must have at least 4.5GB of storage on your device. If you do not have 4.5GB you will need to delete some applications. Start by deleting personal apps and photos followed by school apps that you do not use. If you still need more room, delete iTunes U. When the update is complete you will be able to redownload the apps that were deleted. If you are still having issues with clearing enough space, please email

All students are welcome to participate in Exposed Brick Theatre’s residency at DeLaSalle. If you are interested, then please attend a brief informational meeting at the beginning of lunches TODAY in the Lasallian Ministry office. Do not bring your lunch as the meeting will only take 7-10 minutes. If you cannot attend the meeting but are still interested, please e-mail Ms. Hodapp.

The Lord of the Rings Book Club is growing!  Join us for our next meeting on Thursday, January 8.  We will be discussing The Two Towers, Book 4, Chapters 2-4.  Have a nice cup of tea and enjoy this classic over break.  See you in January!
Ninth graders – on Friday, you will gather for your first class retreat. This is a full day event where you have the opportunity to meet with your classmates, build class unity and share. Here are some details regarding your retreat:

  • Attendance is mandatory. If you miss the retreat day you are required to attend a make-up retreat through the guidance of Lasallian Ministry.
  • You must be in uniform on retreat day.
  • Bring a bag lunch, juice or water will be provided.
  • Leave ALL books, bags, headphones, cell phones, iPads, etc. at home or school. These items are not allowed on retreat.
  • The retreat will run during the school day only. You will check in to first hour for attendance and announcements and will move to the Albers Atrium to board buses which will bring you to the retreat site.
  • Please come with an open and positive attitude and you will have fun.
  • See Ms. Hodapp in Lasallian Ministry with any questions or concerns.

Twelfth graders selected for the 9th grade retreat team: Please don’t forget that we meet at St. Maron’s Catholic Church at 7:40am on Friday. Please complete your request for absence form and pick up a t-Shirt in Lasallian Ministry, if you need one.
Volunteer serving the afternoon meal next Monday at Sharing & Caring Hands. Please email Miss Barry with questions or to sign up.
Thank you to the 12 students, as well as a few teachers and Hennepin County representative, who conducted an annual waste sort to determine how well we are sorting our lunch trash each day. The group did the waste sort on the Monday of finals week before we went on break. The work was not glamorous but is necessary to ensure we continue to receive funding for our composting program. Thank you to students Annika Shelstad, Rosa Boda, Norah Swift, Jesica Troung, Eli Baker, Josh Hill, Maddy Schell, Raymundo Miranda, Meara Cline, Lili Hagg, Sabrina Patlan, and Ricardo Santos. Thanks also to Ms. Wagner, and Ms. W-F, Ms. Roggow, and Ms. Allen.
Lasallian Ministry will not meet this week or next.  Our first meeting for the new year will be on Thursday, January 22 from 7:30-8:20am in the Robert Casanova Room.  All are welcome.
The Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity at the University of Minnesota will offer a weekly ACT/SAT review for underserved students from January 10-March 14. This is a free, very comprehensive ACT/SAT review course for underserved high school students. The main goal of the review is to provide information and opportunities that will enable you to increase your college admission test scores and college preparedness so that they will have a better chance of: 1) going to the college of you choice, 2) receiving merit scholarships to go to college, and 3) being successful once you are in college.

To pre-register, please include your name, address, telephone number, name of current school, and grade level to email address: Pre-registration gives you priority but does not guarantee you a place in the program.

For further information regarding this program, please contact Mr. Kyle Nickodem at the ACT/SAT program office (612) 626-1662 or Dr. Ernest Davenport at (612) 624-1040.

Start thinking about what career may be right for you. Join Ms. Gamiao in the Robert Casanova Room during your lunch hour on Tuesday, January 20 or Friday, January 23 for a Lunch ‘n Learn presentation on career planning. Bring your lunch and iPad for a fun and interactive exploration of careers. You don’t need to register, but you are encouraged to get a pass from the Guidance office to move to the front of the lunch line. See you there!

Gain some valuable job training and get paid to work at Minneapolis businesses and non-profits through the City of Minneapolis Step Up Summer Jobs Program. You must live in Minneapolis, be 14 or older and meet income guidelines. You may only apply online. Click here to apply. The application deadline is February 18, 2015.

Applicants must check their email regularly for updates and will receive notice by the week of March 2nd. Training begins as early as March 7th. Students placed in a job will work from June 15 to August 14, 2015. The job training will take place at MCTC.