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DeLaSalle begins the 2014-15 school year with 760 students, its largest enrollment in 43 years. The enrollment has increased almost 28 percent in four years. Over 400 eighth graders applied for one of 200 places in the Class of 2018 during the past year. We also welcome 14 transfer students into grades 10-11-12, from over 40 transfer applications received during the summer. Enrollment at DeLaSalle has fluctuated considerably over the years as seen in these 25-year increments: 1914 – 352 boys 1939 – 558 boys 1964 – 1651 boys (peak enrollment) 1989 – 348 boys and girls 2014 – 760 boys and girls President, Barry Lieske, points out that “The enrollment growth has allowed us to expand our course offerings and programs, and hire additional teachers and staff, while still maintaining our commitment to financial assistance for students with need. It’s a remarkable story.”   The operating budget was balanced yet again in the 2013-14 fiscal year, the 17th balanced budget over the past 18 years, with no burdensome debt on the books. Within the past year, the Board of Trustees authorized a long-range facilities strategic plan, with priorities for additional classrooms to meet the needs for more teachers and a larger enrollment. Board committees and school administrators are exploring the initial phases of this plan. As Lieske points out, “We don’t intend to exceed the range in which we find ourselves. We’re at a point where we can offer more to our students and yet still know them by name. Now our sights are set on making the campus better for the students we have.” Director of Admission, Patrick Felicetta, has begun conversations with prospective families in the Class of 2019. Felicetta and Vice President for Enrollment, Mike O”Keefe, will begin hosting parent tours and visiting area schools after September 15th.   Prospective students may begin visiting in late-October, after the current ninth grade has had a chance to fully acclimate to their new school community.