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  • Sideline Cheer

The distinguishing feature and reason for the existence of DeLaSalle’s student activity offerings is to assist students in their religious, spiritual, and moral formation as well as provide for the student a better understanding of how all activities at DeLaSalle support its mission. All co-curricular offerings strive to promote a Christian environment while enriching not only our students but also the greater community.

Activity Head Coach Email Phone Start Date
Boys’ Soccer Adam Pribyl adam.pribyl@delasalle.com 612.676.7676 Aug. 15
Cheer Team Veronica Pettini veronica.pettini@delasalle.com 612.290.5718 Aug. 15
Cross Country Dave Pearson david.pearson@delasalle.com 612.676.7639 Aug. 15
Football CJ Hallman cj.hallman@delasalle.com 612.676.7690 Aug. 15
Girls’ Soccer Tim McDonald tim.mcdonald@delasalle.com 612.730.5509 Aug. 15
Girls’ Swimming (co-op) Amy Croonquist acroonquist01@gmail.com 651.343.1633 Aug. 15
Girls’ Tennis Paul Barry paul.barry@delasalle.com 612.812.1096 Aug. 15
Volleyball Jerrell Tate jerrell.tate@delasalle.com 612.598.3019 Aug. 15

Activity Head Coach Email Phone Start Date
Boys’ Basketball Dave Thorson dave.thorson@delasalle.com 612.676.7615 Nov. 21
Competition Cheer Veronica Pettini veronica.pettini@delasalle.com 612.290.5718 Oct. 24
Girls’ Basketball Tanysha Scott tscott@apps.delasalle.com 612.859.4310 Nov. 14
Wrestling (co-op) Ernie McNeal ernie.mcneal@delasalle.com 612.801.2564 Nov. 21
Girls’ Hockey (co-op)
Daniel Berthiaume djberthiaume@gmail.com Oct. 31
Boys’ Hockey (co-op)
Pat Griswold usbandy9@yahoo.com Nov. 14
Winter Sideline Cheer Veronica Pettini veronica.pettini@delasalle.com  612.290.5718 Nov. 22

Activity Head Coach Email Phone Start Date
Baseball Douge Schildgen douge.schildgen@delasalle.com 612.676.7682 Mar. 20
Boys’ Golf Chris Juergens chris.juergens@delasalle.com 612.618.6356 Mar. 20
Boys’ Lacrosse (co-op) Mike Cunningham mike.w.cunningham@gmail.com Apr. 3
Boys’ Tennis Paul Barry paul.barry@delasalle.com 612.812.1096 Mar. 27
Girls’ Golf Fred John fred.john@delasalle.com 612.676.7640 Mar. 20
Girls’ Lacrosse (co-op) Hannah Lundstrum latzx012@umn.edu Apr. 3
Softball Tom Heinecke tom.heinecke@delasalle.com 612.676.7674 Mar. 13
Track & Field CIndy Schlaffman cindy.schlafmann@delasalle.com Mar. 13

Activity Bus Schedule