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I am proud to welcome you to our Academic section. For over 110 years DeLaSalle has prepared students to be moral, faith-based, productive members of society. At the core of this preparation is our historically strong academic program. Here you will discover what the buzz is all about. This section provides you with a complete overview of our academic program and introduces you to the faculty and staff responsible for sustaining it. Our teachers demonstrate a commitment to student success that is second to none.

I invite you to read more about DeLaSalle’s college prep curriculum, the philosophy of our departments, and the teachers and coursework that drive school curriculum. Each department’s curriculum has been developed to provide students a variety of experiences both advanced and college prep appropriate. As a result of our rigorous curriculum, our students consistently score above the national norm in national testing and advanced placement courses. I encourage you to peruse the DeLaSalle curriculum guide to read about all we offer.

DeLaSalle’s Office of Student Services is responsible for curriculum design, course schedules and academic files of all students as well as the transcripts of graduates.

DeLaSalle’s office of Guidance & College Planning also provides students with many services that include both academic support as well as college planning sessions. From one on one meetings, to classroom sessions, to parent information nights the Guidance Department endeavors to provide as much information and guidance as possible to help students with the college application process.

Select one of our academic pages on the right to learn more about what keeps our students coming to school each day. Better yet, we encourage your child to be an Islander for a Day and visit as a shadow spending the day at DeLaSalle experiencing what our curriculum is all about. Please contact the Admissions Office for more information. Your child will appreciate the experience.

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James Benson