The primary role of the Board is to articulate the direction of DeLaSalle High School and define the policies within which the organization will operate.

  • The board speaks and acts be entertaining motions approving policies, and monitoring the impact and effectiveness of those policies.
  • When the Board stops speaking, the President’s authority begins immediately and automatically.
  • The Board oversees only one employee: the President.
  • The Board should evaluate that employee based on results, not on the basis of activities. That is, Boards should focus on outcomes not processes.
  • Individual Board members, including the Chair and committees, lack authority to direct the activities of the President (and/or his/her subordinate staff).
  • The Board should interact with the organization’s supporters and provide the organization with valuable linkages to those communities. Boards should be boundary spanners.

Governance is not only about budgets, personnel, procedures, monthly financial statements, and the like. It is about creating the future, about carving what can be out of what is, about creating a dynamic community by linking the organization to an even wider and more involved community of supporters.

One of the primary responsibilities of this governing board is to establish and evaluate the organization’s vision, mission, and direction. All other duties flow from this responsibility. Whilst the mission of DeLaSalle is entrusted to all members of our community, the governing board has the awesome responsibility to ensure the mission is thriving and, more importantly, serve as guardians of DeLaSalle’s mission:

We, a diverse community of teachers, learners, alumni, parents and volunteers, comprise DeLaSalle High School. Our mission is to serve students from Minneapolis and surrounding communities who seek a high-quality, values-based, academic preparation for life. We at DeLaSalle High School fulfill this mission, in part, by respecting and affirming our heritage as a Catholic high school in the Lasallian tradition.

Board Members

  • Mark Dienhart ’71 – Chair
  • Liz Eull – Vice Chair
  • Tim Keane ’69 – Past Chair
  • Martha Holton-Dimick – Secretary
  • Tim Dolan ’73 – Treasurer

  • Nell Collier
  • Justin Felicetta ’96
  • Tom Grones ’70
  • Jay Heffern ’58
  • Rex Holland
  • James Kaster
  • Rev. Kevin Kenney ’78
  • Tom Lang
  • Anna Mazig ’04
  • Michael Rainville `71
  • Antonio Smith `88
  • Neal St. Anthony ’71
  • Mark Stenglein
  • Patrick Stockhaus `78
  • Gary Wilmer

  • Br. Michael Lee Anderson, FSC
  • Emily Westphal
  • Rev. Kevin Kenney ’78
  • Gary Wilmer

  • Barry Lieske, AFSC – President
  • James Benson – Principal
  • Mike O’Keefe `78 – VP for Enrollment & Marketing
  • Peg Hodapp - VP for Lasallian Ministry
  • Dave Thorson - VP for Development
  • Brian Lynch – Chief Financial Officer

  • Thomas Johnson
  • Dann Oberpriller `67
  • Dean Oberpriller `67